The United States incarcerates 2.3 million people making the home of the free and land of the brave the largest jailer in the world.  America makes up 5% of the world's population, yet we are home to nearly 25% of it's prison population.  American prisons are currently not a place of rehabilitation.  Often, mentally healthy people  who become inmates for non-violent drug related crimes become depressed, anxious and better criminals while behind bars. About half of these incarcerated individuals are parents, leaving millions of minor children without a mother or father at home.  Sadly, when we incarcerate a parent, we are also punishing their innocent children. Oftentimes, children with an incarcerated parent end up living with family, and some of them end up in Foster Care. Although Foster Care is an important program for our society, the system is far from perfect. The amount of children suffering from mental and physical health issues in foster care greatly exceed that of children in the general population. Foster Care children also experience higher rates of abuse. It is a popular belief that children are better off without their offending parent, but this is often not the case. Many corrections facilities are doing all they can to aid positive relationships between inmates and their children, and in a perfect world, this would be enough.  However, the stigma is real and the emotional toll high for those who have a parent behind bars.  

ART.HOME.SOUL. was founded with this purpose in mind to alleviate some of the suffering of these children by investing in their future and their education.  We are not well connected, independently wealthy philanthropists but normal everyday people who care enough to try to do something.  Our efforts are simply a drop in the ocean of need, however, we believe in the power of faith, love and hope.  Nothing is too hard for God.  Our time and talent is a gift.  Let us use these extraordinary blessings and our work as an act of worship .  God is faithful, generous and trustworthy and when we give of ourselves we receive much joy in return!  When we seek him, the holy spirit will direct us to those in need and show us how we can become apart of something bigger than ourselves.  ART.HOME.SOUL. is an artist coop aimed towards social justice.  We are seeking talented artists committed to high standards of excellence, craftsmanship and quality to create something beautiful!    We value artists with high regard and want to serve them as well as our mission. Therefore the majority of our proceeds will go to the artists themselves, any overhead costs and donating to our mission of providing a quality faith-based education to children left behind from incarceration. 

ART.HOME.SOUL. has big dreams but a humble heart. This is only a small part of a required larger solution to rehabilitation, social justice and healing. Our Mission is to offer residual benefits that go far beyond fine art and refurbished furniture.  A mission that will create something beautiful in the lives of others for generations to come.  When we invest in our young people and afford them an opportunity to have a quality faith-based education we invest in our future.


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